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Shri Lalit Kumar, IFFCO

Late Eighties

  • Induction of Mini Computers at Units & HO
  • Introduction of PC-AT & XTs in HO, Marketing & Units
  • Few stand alone business applications

New Thrusts after 1993

  • A fresh strategy for penetration of ICT
  • Office automation/ document management
  • Training and insistence on use of computers by employees in all functional lines
  • Amongst the first organizations to have been provided messaging (email) facility by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in 1992-93.
  • Introduction of Local Area Networks (LAN) in Units, HO, MKCO and zonal marketing offices

Late Nineties

  • LANs integrated with WAN based on VSATs covering HO/MKCO, Units & Zonal Offices
  • Deployment of online applications
  • Email facility at individual workstations
  • Introduction of Video Conferencing facility between senior executives at HO, Plants & Zonal Offices.
  • Amongst the first few to launch a comprehensive website in India in 1996.

Present Status

  • LANs in all State/Area Offices.
  • IFFCO’s own Wide Area Network based on leased lines/ISDN links covering all offices upto Area Offices.
  • Corporate Resource Centre at Saket, New Delhi.
  • Integrated Enterprisewide Applications.

Major Achievements

  • Ability to close accounts within days of completion of financial year.    Accounts for 2003-04 closed on 5th April, 2004.
  • First to introduce e-procurement using digital signatures in Corporate India
  • Expansion/ Diversifications handled through reduced manpower-facilitated by computers and communications to a great extent.

Major Achievements

  • PC to employee ratio - 1:1 in HO & Marketing Offices; Plants as per    functional needs. Necessary training imparted.
  • Amongst the first to have introduced email facility in 1993 between HO &    Plants. Over 2000 email accounts in operation. Senior Management can    access their corporate email from anywhere in the world.
  • Participation through Video Conferencing in 26th AGM during 1999-00.
  • Deployment of integrated enterprise wide applications.
  • Amongst the first organizations in the country to adopt Oracle & Lotus    Notes.
  • Reliance on in-house expertise – often consulted by other organizations.

Initiatives to extend benefits of ICT to cooperatives & farmers covering 16 states in local languages.
Free multilingual email facility exclusively for cooperatives.
Well laid out IT policy & plans

Tools & Technologies

  • Selection of Tools & Technologies after rigorous evaluation
  • Standardization in the entire organization
  • RISC / Intel based Unix Database Servers
  • Intel based desktops / application servers
  • FTDMA VSAT, Leased Line, ISDN / PSTN based WAN with CISCO products for networking and security.
  • Oracle for business application
  • Lotus Domino for email and groupware applications
  • Microsoft Office for office automation

Benefits of Enterprisewide Applications

  • Centralized development/ Maintenance - optimum utilization of resources.
  • Standardization of Practices/ Codes & technology
  • Implementation of Policy changes at all locations simultaneously
  • Elimination of duplicate work, as data is captured at first entry point resulting in time saving and minimal chances of mistake
  • Integration with other applications.
  • Consolidation of information & MIS for decision making.
  • Reduction in paper movement – a move towards concept of paperless office.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Modules Integration

Management Information System
Comprehensive module to provide instant access to latest information for decision making by Top / Middle Management.

Employee Information System
Empowers employees to access their personal information online

Financial Management System

  • Financial Books
  • Assets Accounting/ Monitoring
  • Budget Accounting
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Bills Payable
  • Accounts Consolidation


Web based e-procurement system for placement of tenders and receiving bids (Technical & Priced)
E-mail alerts and SMS messages to vendors
Opening and evaluation of bids in a secured & legal environment using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), encryption & digital certificates

First corporate in India to implement e-procurement system
Wide media coverage
Twenty five tenders processed since July 2004

Integrated Marketing Information System

Field Officers Vikas System

  • Captures all details of Rake handling, Road Receipts, Release orders, Lifting certificates, Remittances, Inter warehouse transfers, Loss/Gains due to physical verification & standardization.
  • Transfer of above data to State Office for consolidation.
    Inventory Management
  • Monitoring of warehouse wise inventory of Plantwise products/ Imported Fertilisers & empty bags.
  • Monitoring of FSCwise inventory of seeds, chemicals & fertilisers.

Integrated Marketing Information System
Sales and Debtors System

  • Invoicing, Sales Analysis, Journal, Sales Tax, Subsidy, Party ledger, Debtors Accounting.

Remittances System

  • Agency wise/Party wise/District wise receipts, and Bank wise deposits.
    Promotional Activities Monitoring System
  • FO wise and month wise planning & achievements.
  • Consolidation at SO/MKCO.

Storage, Handling and Transportation Bill System

  • • Verification & payment of Storage, Handling and Transportation bills vis a vis contracts.

Integrated Marketing Information System

Despatch Information System

  • Email alert with dispatch details to concerned Area Manager and Field Officer on releasing a Rake or Truck from plant.
  • Material receipt intimation to Plants.

Shares Accounting System

  • Maintain Member Societies’ database.
  • Agenda preparation for Board Approval
  • Share Certificates Allotment & Printing
  • Statewise / Denominationwise Share Capital
  • State/ Area/ District wise Capital
  • Dividend Calculation & Payment

Cooperative Relation Management System

  • Maintain Delegates database.
  • Computerization of information required for Elections
  • Integration with Shares Accounting System
  • Registration No. generation for the Delegates
  • Generation & Allotment of Registration Counter for the Delegates


Suite of Applications like  
Sanjaya Production performance
Niyam Samhita Rules & Procedures
Aavedan Internal Applications
Samachar News Updates
Brihaspat Technical papers
Lifeline Telephone/ Blood Group
Meghdoot Weather Status
CGPA Crop Growing Periods
Ghoshna Patra Internal News
Sajavat IFFCO's Art Collection, Images, Pictures
Shikayat Redressal of PC related problems
Project Monitoring Monitor S/W Projects implementation


  • Amongst the first PSUs/ Co-operatives to host a comprehensive website(1996).
  • Reliable source of information about IFFCO, Indian Agriculture, Fertilizers, Co-operatives, Rural India, Media Coverage on Agriculture, Technical Papers etc.
  • Record number of Website Hits in April’04 - 14 lakh ‘page reads’

Material Management System

Other Business Applications

WAN Technology

  • VSAT for plants
  • ISDN dialup for VC & Back up
  • PSTN dial up on VPN
  • IFFCO's Vision: Empowering Rural India through Information and Communication Technology
  • Implementation through 3-pronged strategy

User Friendliness

  • Major content in local Indian languages
  • Each state provided with state specific homepage
  • Intuitive graphic navigation
  • Audio summaries in important sections
  • Touch screen kiosks at selected locations

Multilingual Email

  • Object – to bind cooperatives and farmers with IFFCO’s email (www.iffco.org)
  • Started on Aug 15, 2004
  • Available in 14 major Indian Languages
    • Simple phonetic keyboard layout for typing
    • Cooperatives & progressive farmers encouraged to adopt this new communication channel to interact with IFFCO & rest of the world

Roadmap for 2004-06
• Development & Implementation of workflow
• Automate payments and security deposits subject to Payment Gateway setup by RBI
• Development of new applications
• PF Investment Module
• Fund Management Module
• Raw Material Import System
• Plant Maintenance Management System
• Expansion of IFFCO Wide Area Network
• Exploring VPN with agencies like MTNL/BSNL for data/voice/video.
• Enhancement of existing applications to cover more functionalities.
• Performance & Security Audit at Network/Application Level
• Consolidation of Database Servers
– Consolidation of Database servers for all state offices at Zonal Offices. No new procurement is required (Subject to Reliable connectivity)
– Consolidation of Database servers for entire marketing at Delhi/ Gurgaon
• Disaster Recovery
– Setting up of DR site for corporate data base

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