Public Relations in India

Public Relations as a tool to communicate and win over the people around is being used in different forms , from ancient times in India. Tools have changed from time to time but the urge to communicate has always remained foremost. In business , at the time of independence , only a few multinationals had their professional public relations. After the independence it was realised that PR is necessary in order to communicate for development and to create a bridge between the public and the government. and more organisations appreciated the role of professional public relations in years ahead.

Public Relations began to increase in India in the early 1990s when the government opened the economy and multinational corporations began to enter the country. Public relations companies emerged offering strategic advice and integrated communication solutions. Specialization has become increasingly important and firms are demanding higher qualifications and skill sets from workers.

With multinationals coming in India in a big way and even Indian companies exploring opportunities abroad , future of Public relations in India is very bright and gives a new hope for its growth.