The Time Is To Increase Your Immunity: PRSI

Chairman, PRSI Dehradun chapter Amit pokhriyal told that this is the time to increase your immunity when the whole world is facing the problem due to COVID 19, the Corona pandemic these type of session could help in increasing confidence and immunity for humans. While taking the thought regarding health PRSI Dehradun chapter and The Art of living, the state chapter jointly organized a digital online interactive session on the science of breath.

The main speaker was Shweta Golani, senior faculty and state director Art of living; she spoke in an interactive session on how we can improve and increase our immunity and health through the science of breath and meditation. This digital online session was attended by most of the members of the PRSI, Dehradun chapter. Anil sati, secretary PRSI, said these types of interactive sessions would improve the health of masses and give thanks to Sanjay Bhargava, joint General manager, HUDCO, who was coordinator of the session.

Shweta Golani from Art of Living spoke how we could increase our lung capacity? How to use breadth to increase our immunity? Why is meditation necessary, and what is the function of breadth in meditation? All the members attended a short but effective meditation session, which everyone felt very soothing.

At the end of the online session, mainly Dr. DP uniyal, pooja pokhriyal, Deepti sati, Rohit Nautiyal, Mahesh khankriyal, Ashok laalwani, and other members were informed about the Happiness workshop. When the whole world is going through Corona pandemic and lockdown, these types of online interactive sessions could be a great help to increase immunity.


Amit pokhriyal
Anil sati
PRSI Dehradun chapter 


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