IPRA has endorsed the UNESCO International Declaration

IPRA has endorsed the UNESCO International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers for a healthier, viable, better world. This declaration is made against the background of the covid-19 pandemic which it describes as the most serious crisis our world has experienced in recent history.

According to Oumar Kane, secretary general of the UNESCO network Orbicom: “The pandemic requires the broadest possible global solidarity. We share the belief that organizations dedicated to communication have an important role to play in this current crisis”.

The declaration calls for certain commitments by communication professionals:

  • To work jointly and put our full energy into bringing people together to make a healthier world possible towards a harmonious shift to a viable, better future;
  • To shoulder our responsibility through information and communications;
  • To call for equal protection for all, strongly affirming that everyone deserves the same protection regardless of race, origin, gender, group or status;
  • To play our full part in accompanying our communities in a critical transition to a new way of life, one that respects nature and the resources she gives us, that nurtures biodiversity and protects and treasures the Earth, our only home;
  • To open, transparent and honest communications, free from fear and hatred, fostering a global, participatory, inclusive conversation, unwrapping unexpected opportunities in this uncertain world;
  • To honour the power of active listening, lively and inclusive dialogue helping our communities and humanity build a healthier, viable, better world.

Philippe Borremans, IPRA President comments: “We are proud to support this declaration. Public relations professionals have a clear responsibility to commit to transparent communication and support a better post-pandemic world. Communicators are by nature bridge builders, door openers and enablers of mutual understanding. That’s why we are embracing these commitments and salute the initiative of our UNESCO colleagues.”

IPRA encourages its members, its Chapters, its national association colleagues, and our affiliated partners to also sign this declaration.

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