Public Relations in the Digital Era

Prof. Suresh Chandra Nayak

Amity University,

Dr. Suresh Chandra Nayak having a brilliant academic career with M.A,  M.Phil (English), PGDRL, LLB, Ph.D (Journalism and Mass Communication) has been associated with Journalism and Mass Communication over the years. He has worked as the Principal of OIMSC (A Dharitri Initiative), Bhubaneshwar and as an Associate Professor & HoD, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Faculty of Media Studies & Humanities Manav Rachna International University. Presently, Prof. Nayak is associated with Amity University Chhattisgarh as a Professor& Director.

 He has attended and presented a number of papers in various national and international seminars and chaired various technical sessions and has organized many National and International conferences and seminars. Prof Nayak has also published many research articles in National and International Journals. He was also the editor of two books and contributed chapters to various edited books. Ph.D research scholars have already been awarded the highest degree in Mass Communication under his able supervision and guidance. Prof. Nayak has participated in two UGC-sponsored Refresher Courses.  He is also instrumental in designing the syllabus of BA-J&MC and MA-J&MC. He has been teaching to UG, PG, and Ph.D students. He has also attended and conducted several Faculty Development Programmes & Workshops for the benefit of the students and faculty members.

Press Release

Public Relations Society of India

 Day 3 of PR – Mass Communication Orientation Programme for Students with

Prof. Suresh Chandra Nayak (Amity University, Raipur) on 3rd October 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Session IIIPublic Relations in the Digital Era

The Programme is in collaboration with the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), sponsored by Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL).

New Delhi

3rd October 2021

The Public Relations Society of India started 15 Day PR – Mass Communication Orientation, inaugurated by Shri Naresh Bansal – a member of Rajya Sabha, Mr. Phileppe Borremans – President of International Public Relations Association and organized by Dr. Ajit Pathak – National President of Public Relations Society of India and Mr. Y Babji – Secretary General of Public Relations Society of India took place on October 3rd, 2021. The session premiered sharp at 5:00 p.m. on Facebook and YouTube Live.

On the third day of the lecture series, Dr. Suresh Chandra Nayak was the guest speaker for this academic initiative by PRSI. In his lecture on the ‘Public Relations in the Digital Era’ discussed the basics of Public Relations to the present role of PR practitioners in the 21st Century. He emphasized the role of a PR professional in the present age.

 He talked about the skills a PR should carry. He emphasized the three main elements of PR responsibilities which included influencing, engaging, and building a relationship with the internal organization and the external public. He also discussed how technology aspects are important for a PR to stay in the Industry and illustrated it with various statistics on the social media usage of the public and how it can help PR professionals to understand their audience.

The lecture was well presented and stimulating with interesting examples. The session ended at 6:30 p.m. with pleasant remarks by all the listeners.

Summary of the Presentation
By Mr. V.S.R. Naidu
Amaravathi Chapter

Prof. Suresh Chandra Nayak, the Amity University of Raipur in his lecture today on Public Relations in the digital era made a very clear picture of social media platforms globally & their enormous growth with speed & content. Abt 3.6 billion is now the mainstream media users which are expected to be around 4.41+ billion by 2025, he said. He also stated that 49% are social media users as of Jan 2020.
Usage of smartphones is not limited to Urban areas but Rural areas too.
Internet users spend 144min/day. Latin America, a less developed country is the one using max time on the Internet.
He also mentioned that Facebook is the most effective medium in the social platform and the active users are abt 2.75 billion worldwide. The number of social media users on mobile phones is 4.15 billion & it’s 98,8%.
He made it very clear that social media users are increasing very fast & max users are of the age group of 16-64 yrs. The average time spent on mobile phones is 4.10 hrs & the time spent on the internet is 7hrs/day.
Prof made very clear that the present-day PROs are lagging behind in technology usage and cautioned that they should understand the importance of digital media in order to survive in the industry.
The PR personnel shd learn how to draft/write for different platforms since the content differs & it has to be crisp & short.

“If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on Public Relations “- Bill Clinton.
This quote of Bill Clinton makes a very clear picture of the importance of PR among other disciplines as a managerial function, its importance organisationally, Society & globally.
We, the PR professionals should feel proud of ourselves abt our profession & contribution to the good of society.
If we are lagging behind, shd try to overcome.

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