Corporate Identity Management Strategies

Dr Tanushree Mukherjee

Amity University


A top-performing, self-motivated and result-oriented teaching professional with a rich teaching experience of 16 years.  Highly experienced in teaching Undergraduate and  Post Graduate Students of Journalism and Mass Communication and students of Business School (BBA & MBA) specialized subjects like Public Relations, Corporate Communication, and Event Management. She has obtained her Ph.D in Public Relations from Amity University Rajasthan.

She has bagged the Educator of the Year Award by Exchange4media Group, Distinguished Teacher for Holistic Development of Students Award by International Centre for Excellence in Education and SPACE (India) {Society for Perpetuation of Art, Culture & Education), Teaching Excellence Award in “PR and Communication” from Public Relations Society of India, Jaipur Chapter, Media Innovation Award on the occasion of All India Media Conference, Women’s Excellence Award and Empowered Women Award. Presently, she is Deputy Director Outcome, Amity University Rajasthan, and is an active member of various Professional Bodies like the Public Relations Society of India, Jaipur Management Association, All India Communication and Media Association, and Indian Society for Training and Development. 

Press Release

Public Relations Society of India

 Day 6 of PR – Mass Communication Orientation Programme for Students with

Dr. Tanushree Mukherjee (Director, Amity University, Rajasthan, Jaipur) on 9th October 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Session VICorporate Identity Management Strategies

The Programme is in collaboration with the Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), sponsored by Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL).

New Delhi

9th October, 2021

The Public Relations Society of India started 15 Day PR – Mass Communication Orientation, inaugurated by Shri Naresh Bansal – a member of Rajya Sabha, Mr. Phileppe Borremans – President of International Public Relations Association and organized by Dr. Ajit Pathak – National President of Public Relations Society of India and Mr. Y Babji – Secretary General of Public Relations Society of India took place on October 3rd, 2021. The session premiered sharp at 5:00 p.m. on Facebook and YouTube Live.

On the sixth day of the lecture series, Dr. Tanushree Mukherjee was the guest speaker for this academic initiative by PRSI. In her lecture on the ‘Corporate Identity Management Studies’ she discussed how in the present times of fierce business competition and a great shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market and customer delight being the buzzword for the brands to excel in the market, it has become immensely necessary for an organization to have a competitive edge. She also discussed unique differentiating Corporate Identity.

She also talked about how organization needs to excel both in the area of visual and non-visual elements of Corporate Identity in order to be identified and differentiated in the market.  It’s the cherished desire of every brand to have a trustworthy and credible corporate image in the eyes of its stakeholders which affects its successful functioning and leads to business growth. However, a strong identity of a company is instrumental in shaping the thoughts and opinion of the public positively towards the organization and winning their support and trust. The lecture was well presented and stimulating with interesting examples. The session ended at 6:30 p.m. with pleasant remarks by all the listeners.

Summary of the Presentation
By Mr. V.S.R. Naidu
Amaravathi Chapter

Today’s Orientation program of Mass Communication of PRSI is Corporate Identity & Management Strategies lectured by Dr. Tanushree Mukherjee of Amity University, Jaipur is very very complex and important topic, not only to the corporations already in existence, to the new corporates coming up and to those planning to enter the market.

In the competitive business scenario, it’s important to be strong in the market and to have a corporate identity. It became necessary to attract stakeholders and customers. This involves the implementation of all kinds of strategies like digital marketing duly following the traditions and at the same time being on an intelligent platform.
In order to be strong in the market, corporate identity is very important which reflects the face of an organisation in front of stakeholders of both internal & external, the key elements being Brand management, branding, brand strategies.
It’s essential to study the key elements that project and promote the brand such as Branding Statistics consisting of cost, expenses, quality & consistency are of top 4 qualities people use to describe why they are loyal to the brand.
Consumer behaviour-94% are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency, 86% of shoppers are authentic & honest brand personnel on social media, 89% of shoppers are loyal to brands who share their values, almost 3/4 of small businesses houses invest in social media marketing as part of their brand strategy, 77% of consumers purchase items based on their brand name rather than the name of the object itself. Hence, it’s important to take care of these factors through corporate identity marketing.
The Colour and consistency of the brand matter most as it improves brand recognition up to 80%, while 33% of the world’s top 100 brands have logos that include the colour blue, for example, Twitter, FB & Vista.

Corporate identity is the “persona” of a corporation that is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives, identity sets the tone of a brand. It evolves specific emotions & feelings in the audience. It can be the culture of the organisation. Logo speaks & builds up a strong identity. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding and the use of trademarks. The distinctive characteristics or personality of an organisation. Corporate culture, values & philosophy as perceived by those within the organisation and presented to those outsides, ex being FB.
Design communication material of an organisation. To be active on social media platforms which is an element of corporate branding & trademarks exhibits innovative offers & good quality products such as Apple/ Google.
A brand is a distinct corporate personality.
Corporate identity is business face value in the market which is very important & significant. Well-managed Corporate identity can be a powerful means of integrating the discipline & activities essential to the organisational success and also prove visual cohesion necessary to ensure that all consumers are cohesive.
Then comes the question as to how to go about it and what it entails. They include value proposition you offer to customers such as policy, services, products, etc. In order to create value, a capabilities system is involved.
What are the advantages of Corporate identity such as to be distinctive about concern about employees like Infosys, Tata?
Corporate identity is important interns of visibility & awareness, creates impact. It’s an image of the organisation and to establish stakeholders support & to gain customer confidence and helps in building, understanding of the customers.
There are certain elements that contribute to a strong corporate identity such as brand purpose & positioning to be in the market standing. It also acts like a vision that inspires others to get associated with the organisation.
Corporate branding focus on names, logos, tag line, graphics, stationeries how professional they are, colour palette, typography, and other various branding matter.
The logo has to be simple but attractive and memorable like the Amazon logo.
Therefore, corporate identity is a collective understanding of the organisation’s features presented to be central & relatively stable and that would distinguish the organisation from others.
Corporate identity is often viewed as being composed of 4 parts viz products-how it is different from others, quality and how people are informed of the product and services of the organisation.
Corporate design comprising logos, uniforms, corporate colour, flyers, letterheads, company brochures, executives’ business cards, and other stationery like envelopes. These things determine the corporate identity.
Another activity is important is corporate communication to internal to external publics viz the employees, the customers, media. It’s done thro’ PR, Advertising, Information passing.
Yet another important factor being Corporate behavior which includes the internal values, norms, and behavior patterns of employees. It’s important to ensure employee’s satisfaction, how they behave & interact with others as word of mouth imprints in other minds & affects the behavior of customers.
Furthermore what is important is to identify management in action by way of conducting an identity audit to know how the people are talking about the organisation, whether it is as per their expectations, set identity objectives so as to know what exactly you got to do and when to do! Got to develop design and names, to develop Prototypes to know how to design and come up with a new logo and then launch and communicate the same. Need to implement the programs with consistency and great vigour.
It’s also needed to the typical identity issues such financial soundness, ability to attract, develop & keep the talented people.
There are 2 categories by which corporate identity can be known viz Non Visual & Visual Element. No visual comprises both personal issues such as handling if customers, sale styles, customer service policy, telephonic response, correspondence and Impersonal issues such as publicity kinds, events while Visual elements being website, simple but great corporate logo like Coca-Cola, Honda, CNN, Walmart, Nokia, Toyota, IBM. Logotypes do vary like Text, Isotype( Icon) & Imagotype text with icons like Nike. They are innovative ways to reach the public, house colours, typeface family, meme monic device, tag line, prototype. Logos are very popular and have a clear meaning with a brand.
Colour & typography, tag line are important to identify like Incase of the Disney prototype which are different types of products with the same brand logo.
Corporate brand architecture has to enable people to abide to understand it like Google. They include Monolithic brand architectures where the parent brand is very popular where all sub-brands follow the same logo. Endorsed where subbrands are little popular and not completely depend on parent brand and enjoy freedom like Marriott Hotels. They are also Pluralistic with separate brands & unrelated with their own designs and elements and Hybrid, a kind of mixture like Google products.
Corporate Identity does change the nature of business, image building, acquisition & merges, diversification of business line, strengthening weaker brands, improve profitability & employees morale, forestall takeover threats, make takeovers attractive, integrate operatives for fortifications, Re-energising the organisation, Internal motivator.
Thanks to Dr. Tanushree Mukherjee for tackling & lecturing the highly complicated yet an important business element of Corporate identity & strategies to be implemented by the organisations.

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